Casco Bay. Photo Provided by Portland Walking Tours

Year-round Tours

We are open! Walking tours are an ideal activity at this time. All our tours are private, with social distancing and masks as needed. Only you and your family/pod will be on your tour.

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Portland Maine Walking Tours
Tuesday, March 1 – Wednesday, March 1

Our tours are informal and interactive, and cover a range of topics: early Portland; Portland at war; shipping and shipbuilding; lobsters and lobstering; and, the food and beverage scene. We’ll talk about the people who have made Portland and Maine special: Longfellow, Chamberlain, Dow, Millay, and others.

We walk at your pace. We’ll see spectacular views, learn about historical places, people, and events, and discover why Portland is on so many lists of great places to visit and live.

All tours are available year-round and can be customized to your interests.