Swami Ramanathan, Myron Phelps and Countess Canavarro at Green Acre, circa 1900. Collections of the Eliot Bahá'í Archives, MaineMemory.Net #16593 https://www.mainememory.net/artifact/16593

The Advent of Green Acre Exhibit

The Advent of Green Acre, A Bahá’í Center of Learning: Selections from the Eliot Bahá’í Archives exhibit at the Maine Historical Society’s Shettleworth Gallery highlights these collections that preserve the fascinating history relating to Green Acre, which continues operating today in Eliot, Maine. The exhibition runs July 7 to October 2, 2021

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About the Event
Presented by
Maine Historical Society
(207) 774-1822
Wednesday, July 7 – Saturday, October 2

Hours: Wednesday–Saturday, 10AM – 4PM through advance ticketing. Walk-ins, via the MHS Museum Store, are subject to availability.

Cost: Free Adult/Youth MHS members, children under six; $10 per Adult non-member.

In addition to the Shettleworth Gallery installation, viewers can access an online component on Maine Memory Network mainememory.net/exhibits/Green_Acre_Bahai.

In 1894, Sarah Jane Farmer established the Green Acre conferences. Lecturers discussed peace, world religions, health, freedom, and social justice topics. In a life-changing experience, she traveled to Palestine in 1900 to meet ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, imprisoned leader of the Bahá’í Faith. She subsequently converted to the religion and infused the conferences with Bahá’í teachings that eventually transformed Green Acre into a Bahá’í Center of Learning.