Sagadahoc County through the Eastern Eye

A new exhibition Sagadahoc County through the Eastern Eye: Selections from the Penobscot Marine Museum – on display at the MHS Shettleworth Gallery and on Maine Memory Network – highlights PMM’s Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company postcard collection from Sagadahoc County.

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Maine Historical Society
489 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101 United States
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Maine Historical Society
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Wednesday, October 6 – Friday, December 31

The Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company employed photographers who traveled throughout New England and New York State each summer, taking pictures of towns, cities, vacation spots, tourist attractions, working waterfronts, local industries, and other subjects postcard recipients might enjoy. The company printed cards by the millions in Belfast into the 1950s. While old postcards often evoke nostalgia, they are also important historical records. Images reveal the character and pulse of Sagadahoc County’s communities during the early decades of the 20th century.

Hours: Wednesday–Saturday, 10AM – 5:30 through advance ticketing. Walk-ins, via the MHS Museum Store, are subject to availability.

Cost: Free Adult/Youth MHS members, children under six; $10 per Adult non-member.

In addition to the in-person exhibition, the online version can be viewed on Maine Memory Network: