Cookie Platter, Photo courtesy of Twp fat Cats Bakery

Online Baking Tips + Tricks

New online series of baking tutorials sharing tips on baking essentials, ingredient info, and other how-to’s we’ve gathered together from our years of baking.

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Friday, January 1 – Monday, March 1

We’ve taken our experiences, both successful and not so successful, as well as answers to a variety of common questions we’ve received from customers, friends and family.

We’ll be sharing our Tips & Tricks video series in conjunction with the sale of our new Baker’s Box Pie kits – available in Blueberry or Apple – just add fruit & bake! Apples are available in our Baker’s Market, and the Blueberry kits include a special coupon for a FREE 3lb bag of Wyman’s frozen wild Maine blueberries.

Videos are available on our website and YouTube and they share great tips, recommendations, and great info on baking at home.