Old Port Holiday Walking Tour - Photo Provided by Old Port Historic Tours

Old Port Holiday Walking Tour

Explore the Old Port’s rich history in this 2-hour holiday historic walking tour with over 50 historic stops including Portland holiday history and stories that might surprise you! Your Tour Guide, Leigh Rush Olson, has a BA in history from C.U.N.Y Brooklyn College and is a Portland History Docent, as well as a Portland native so you’re in good hands. Let’s explore holiday time in Portland’s beautiful Old Port! Private tours available any day of the week upon request at oldporthistorictours.com.

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Monument Square
456 Congress St
Portland, Maine 04101 United States
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Old Port Historic Tours
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Saturday, December 4 – Saturday, December 18

Holiday time in the Old Port is the place to be! Explore the Old Port’s rich history and places of interest from 1632 in this 2-hour exciting walking tour and historical adventure for all members of the family with over 50 historic stops including historical landmarks, architecture, and monuments. We will also discuss waterfront history, the Old Port’s biggest fires, Underground Railroad, shopping, real estate history, night life, some of the hottest restaurants, craft beer bars, the best places for craft beer tastings, and learn about famous/legendary people of the area with a stop outside of the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow home (the oldest home on the Portland peninsula). While we are at the Longfellow home, you’ll hear the history of his famous poem Christmas Bells and also hear the story of Charles Dickens bizarre visit to Portland. Don’t miss it!

Public tours will run every Saturday from December 4th through December 18! Advanced tickets required at ticketmaster/ticketweb. Kids 16 and under are free with paying adult. Private tours with special group rates are available upon request any day of the week by visiting oldporthistorictours.com, where you can pick your own time of day that is convenient for you! If you would like to speak with the Tour Guide directly about the tour for particular questions, please email leigholson@oldporthistorictours.com or call 646-845-9714.