Leigh Olson, Tour Guide and founder of Historic Workouts® - Photo Courtesy of Historic Workouts® / Taken by Stewart Smith Photography

LIVE Holiday Plank Challenge!

I miss coaching fitness classes now that winter is here and my outdoor season of Old Port Historic Workouts® are over until spring. Gotta’ keep doing what I love and what brings me joy. Join me this Wednesday, December 9th at 5:30PM EST for my 12-Minute Holiday Plank Challenge” LIVE from my home in Kennebunk, Maine! We will do 12 different planks at 1-minute each with a :15 rest in between. Even if you do just one minute, you’re on your way to get stronger. I’ll be wearing my best Christmas hat!

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Wednesday, December 9

Join me at my personal Facebook profile at facebook.com/leighrusholson for this special holiday 12-minute plank challenge! It’s free and it’s fun! Work at your own fitness level and always get your health care providers approval for clearance.

I’ve been a pro Fitness Instructor since 1992 and certified with AFAA (Athletics Fitness Association of America). You’re in good hands! Moroever, please check out my website HistoricWorkouts.com for my Old Port Holiday Historic Walking Tours going on through December 19th!

Kids 16 and under are FREE! You won’t have to do any planks on this walking tour! Explore the Old Port’s rich history and places of interest from 1632 to present in this 2 hour exciting walking tour and historical adventure for all members of the family with over 50 historic stops including historical landmarks, architecture, and monuments.

We will also discuss famous/legendary people of the area, some of the hottest restaurants and craft beer bars, the best places for craft beer tastings, waterfront history, the Old Port’s biggest fires, Underground Railroad, shopping, real estate history, and much more! Holiday time in the Old Port is the place to be! All my best for a wonderful new year, Leigh Rush Olson Founder of Historic Workouts®