Balloonacy at Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine- Illustration by Eda French. Graphic Design by Scott Nash of Illustration Institute.


Join the Children’s Museum + Theatre of Maine in Balloonacy, a family-friendly play in state-of-the-art theatre by Paris-trained mime Erica Murphy.

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This event has passed.
Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine
250 Thompsons Point Road
Portland, 04102
(207) 828-1234
About the Event
Presented by
Maddy’s Theatre
(207) 828-1234
Friday, June 25 – Sunday, July 25

In this inventive wordless comedy, a clown celebrates his birthday alone. The solitary party is interrupted when a round, red, uninvited guest floats in, reappearing in all kinds of unexpected places. With clowning and mime, this play explores the power of friendship showing how, with a little imagination and acceptance, companionship is everywhere.

Tickets and more information are available at Plenty of paid parking available at our Thompson’s Point location.