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Now, you can enjoy our curated wine selection that you’ve come to enjoy at our events, delivered to your home in Greater Portland Maine. And some deliveries include delicious meals from Portland’s great chefs including our Virtual Wine Dinners.

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Valid May 1, 2020 to Jun 30, 2020
About the Deal & How to Redeem

We’re thrilled to offer you our monthly selection of Sommelier-curated wines in our Explorer and Elevated wine selections. Each month we’ll introduce new and exciting wines in 6- or 12-bottle selections for each category and style. Our Explorer sets feature wines that introduce you to different grape varieties and regions from around the world. These are wines good-quality and deliver incredible value without needing to be further aged to show at their best. The Elevated selection delivers wines of higher-quality levels with elevated expression, concentration, complexity, and finish.

Delivery is by Wine Wise – not third party carriers. If your home is outside of the Greater Portland area please call first to inquire about possible delivery options.

Visit our website for details and to place your order.