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Brochure Supply & Distribution Locations

The Convention + Visitors Bureau operates several information locations. 

  1. Ocean Gateway Information Center
    (Cruise Ship Terminal) 
  2. Portland's International Jetport
  3. Portland Transportation Center  
  4. The Maine Mall

As part of your membership your brochure is displayed at the Ocean Gateway Information Center.  Please ensure that we have plenty of brochures in stock.

Are you a dining member? Do you have a menu. Your menu is displayed at CVB staffed infromation centers. 

Mail or Deliver brochures to the Ocean Gateway.

Ocean Gateway Information Center
14 Ocean Gateway Pier
Portland, Maine 04101
Attn:  Jenn Tomlinson, Information Center Manager

Please contact Jenn Tomlinson for proper mailing, site delivery and amount of brochures needed.
p. 207.772.5800

If you would like to display your brochures in any or all of the other locations please contact Michael Tarbox.

Michael Tarbox
Membership Development + Service

Portland, Maine
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