Portland's waterfront gateway has impressed thousands of visitors as they arrive in town on incoming ships. Now you can impress your guests by renting the beautiful facility for your own event.

The Ocean View Room is available, subject to the Port of Portland Cruise Schedule, for use as an event space for anything from small concerts to auctions and parties.

The room includes 5,590 square feet of obstruction free space with capacity for 250 seating and 799 standing.

Visit the portlandevents.com website for rental rates and specifications.

For a tour of the facility or specific rental information please call the City of Portland Recreation and Facilities Management at (207) 874-8200.

Ocean Gateway is located at 14 Ocean Gateway Pier.

Rental Information:

* 5,590 square feet of obstruction free space.

* Capacity: 250 (seated) or 799 (standing).

* Facility is available for function rentals subject to the Port of Portland Cruise Schedule.
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