There are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy from morning to night, rain or shine, on land or by sea... you will be amazed by the plentiful options the Greater Portland region offers. Need some quick ideas... check out the must see list.

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Must See List
Thriving Art Scene
Hands-on Activities

However visitors spend their brief time in Portland, it’s best they don’t see everything…that way they have reasons galore for a return visit to this magical place.

With its own art museum, symphony orchestra, ballet and modern dance troupes, even an opera company, you’ll be amazed at what’s showing throughout the year.

Choose from a variety of one-time classes and instruction featuring hands-on activities that will send you home with a skill or hobby that will last long after your vacation is over.

Rainy Day Activities

Diverse Nightlife

It’s a comfort to know that Portland has welcoming shelters that are no less inviting than when the sun is shining. Don't panic with plenty of rainy day ideas.

Portland’s nightlife combines the energy and accessibility of the big city with the congeniality of a small-town community. Nothing compares to live music on the waterfront.

Don’t miss the mountains with superb downhill skiing, abundant wildlife, thrilling whitewater rafting and fishing and swimming in crystal clear lakes. Maine is "The Great Outdoors,” so get out and enjoy it!

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Portland, Maine
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